Welcome to the BAVARIA MINIATURES website and our first big news post!

We are pleased that you are interested in this new and unique project concerning the Bavarian Army of 1870. Over the next few days, we want to show you more and more of our upcoming miniatures and kickstarter. But first, a few facts:


How do I find out more?

Over the next few weeks, we will create a Kickstarter page. There you can subscribe to our newsletter (as already here on the bottom of this website) so you don't miss out on anything.

Also check out our Facebook and Instagram pages.


Where can I buy the figures?

In the near future we will be launching the Kickstarter so you will have an opportunity to call these miniatures your own.


What if I can’t back the Kickstarter?

After the successful Kickstarter, all miniatures will be available via our onlineshop.


Are they metal figures?

The figures can either be purchased physically as metal figures or as digital files for your at-home 3D printer.


What scale are the miniatures?

The metal miniatures are 28mm and will fit existing ranges perfectly. The STL files can be scaled to 20mm or even smaller.


Will there be other products besides figures?

Oh yes! In addition to uniform plates, we are also planning our own flags and a historical guide on the subject of the royal Bavarian army of 1870.


Will you ship worldwide?

Yes, we deliver worldwide to countries that DHL serves.


Here is another picture of the Bavarian Infantry, as you'll be able to get it as part of our Kickstarter. How do you like them? Let us know via email, Facebook and Instagram!



BAVARIA MINIATURES would like to thank the talented sculptor Lucas Luber, graphic artist Adam Schulz, as well as our many supporters, and is looking forward to a great future together.


- Stephan

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